Q and A with Halio Ambassador Amanda Conner


1.   Let's start with the basics. Tell us your name and where you're from? Where do you currently live? Tell us the top three best things about it! Lastly, if you could live anywhere, where would it be and why? 



I'm Amanda Conner and I am currently living in Panama City Beach, FL. I LOVE and thrive living by the water. The ocean is my therapy, whether it's surfing, shell hunting or rolling in the sand! I'm a sun sponge and love this city. It's definitely a tourist town, but this area is such a hidden gem in America. And if I could love anywhere, it would be Hawaii :) I have lived there before and it has forever captivated my heart.

2.   You are extremely active and showcase so many different hobbies and activities on your social media! What is your favorite activity to do and why? How have you found what you love to do, and what has led you to sticking to it? What advice would you give to someone who hasn’t found a way to be active that makes them feel happy and motivated?


Favorites are so hard for me! I know my social media is mostly yoga, but I would have to say my absolute favorite is surfing. I don't post a lot about it probably because I'm so in the moment that nothing else that matters. There's no feeling in the world that compares to the rush of dropping into a wave. The combination of power, freedom, joy and peace is overwhelming! I found surfing when I lived in land locked Colorado! I was hooked on watching Soul Surfer, Blue Crush and Chasing Mavericks. Even though I was physically in a place where it was impossible to surf, my spirit said "this is your calling, go after it!" So I dropped out of school, quit my 3 jobs and bought a one way ticket to Hawaii and was forever changed. I have stuck with surfing because it's in my veins...it's a part of who I am! And that's what I like to encourage people with. Find something that stokes you, thrills you and empowers you! Don't be like others, be you! And when you find what's YOU, it's easy and never a burden to stay motivated and inspired! Simply ask yourself, "what makes me come alive?!" Then do everything in your power to go after it!

3.   If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be and why? Do you believe that you portray these things to people around you and to the people on social media? 



I am bubbly, adventurous, and passionate!
Bubbly - Always joyful, because Jesus is my everything! Theres no way I can contain it, it just comes out :)
Adventurous - Most people dislike change because it's unpredictable and there are risks Change brings growth and growing can hurt. But me? I THIVE with change. I love my adventurous spirit and all the unknowns that life brings. And growing means I'm becoming more of "me" everyday.
Passionate - When I say yes to something, everything in me is fully invested. I pray, worship, love and live passionately. Everything I do, I invest my heart into it, no matter what.
And yes, I do believe I portray these qualities on my social media!

4.   You and your husband love traveling and recently visited Thailand on a missions trip! What is the best part about traveling for you? What has been your greatest adventure, and what would you say to encourage more people to get out and travel the world? Where would you love to go next?



The joy of traveling is beyond words. When something doesn't go according to plan (like a plane delay or hotel not working out), my husband and I just say, "rejection is redirection to something better!" There's such a grace we feel over our lives that is so carefree and easy. We don't stress over the little things and always keep the big picture in mind. My greatest adventure traveling was definitely Thailand. Seeing God move, heal and speak forever changed me. For my husband, Zeke, his greatest adventure was being the first skim boarder in North Korea! God is so wild and fun! I would encourage others to get out and travel more because it changes you. You see different cultures and lifestyles and you really see how blessed you are. Something shifts in your heart when you choose to experience something that outside of your comfort zone. Where do we want to travel next? Maybe Indonesia!

5.   What keeps you positive and on fire for life? What brings you the most passion? If you had to choose one thing to focus on for the rest of your life, what would it be?



Some people might have an inspirational quote, but for me...I burn for Jesus 24/7. I'm addicted to His love and His presence. He is the fuel to my fire. Everyday I wake up and worship my Lord. He is the reason I can breathe and move and live. I could talk forever about Him! He is what I focus on. When He is the center of my life, nothing shakes me!