Halio's First Athlete Is Here To Make An Impact

In a year that's had many peaks and valleys for everyone, 2020 has brought a wave of opportunities to many as well. Here at Halio we introduced our first ever athlete, Bonnie Schroeder. From our first conversation all the way to the partnership we're blessed for the newfound friendship with Bonnie, who's set such a high standard for herself along with helping many other's with their own personal fitness goals. Below is a quick interview we did with her to share with all of you just how incredible she is! 

Halio: Welcome to the team, we're beyond excited to have you join us and impact the community in positive ways! For those of the community who might not have peek'd your IG or website, who is Bonnie Schroeder?

BS: Hi there! I'm so happy and excited to be here!
I'm a powerlifter, coach, travel enthusiast, and wellness advocate.
I coach remotely, have daily subscription training on my website, and conduct seminars across the country while currently residing in St Louis MO with my boyfriend and two cats.

Halio: you have a pretty diverse past when it comes to fitness and sports. What was your first love and how did it evolve into the sport you do so well in/coach today?

BS: My first love in sports was track and field. I ran in highschool and college which gave me the confidence to start getting really comfortable with the weight room. Track taught me the importance of showing up and doing your job, regardless of the circumstances. It also taught me that setting limits on your capabilities is no reasonable way to live.

Halio: What's one thing about power lifting that keeps you so passionate about doing it? How would you explain the balance from doing it as a hobby to a career?

BS: I love power lifting because strength is so broadly empowering. Obviously power lifting increases your physical strength, but it has a massive impact on your mental fortitude as well. When you feel strong, you act strong, and that carries over into every other aspect of life. I've been lucky enough to make strength my career and while working/playing in the same realm might not be the most balanced I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Halio: What would you share with those who feel challenged/burnt out by the thing they're passionate about doing?

BS: I would encourage people to make a change! A lot of that is passion dependent, but when I hear people are getting burnt out in the gym I encourage them to switch up their training style, find a training partner or even take some time off until they miss it. It's important to keep things fresh and challenging for motivation to stay peaked.

Halio: Life is all about balance, we all have our own outlets that keep us sane. What are some of yours? Have they changed over time?

BS: My biggest outlet and favorite hobby outside of the gym is travel! I love getting to explore and adventure in new places and I fully believe in the therapeutic healing powers of nature. I love spending time hiking, camping and getting grounded outdoors. This has definitely changed overtime and I know I appreciate the simple things a lot more than I used to. I try to constantly keep my focus on being grateful.

Halio: Who/What are the most important things in your life?

BS: The most important thing to me is freedom. I'm so incredibly grateful to have a job that allows me to be free, live where I want, and travel whenever I want. I get to wake up every morning, operate on my own schedule and decide what my life is going to be that day. I am under no one's thumb and answer only to myself. That, to me, is absolutely priceless.

Halio: In what ways would you like to positively impact the world around you?

BS: I enjoy positively impacting the world around me by getting the opportunity to use my platform for GOOD. I want to have a voice online that is motivating, real and consistent. I want people to know they can make their lives whatever they want and that they are much, much stronger than they think. I would love to expand my seminars internationally and continue to help women grow more confident with the barbell.

Halio: You've worked with some really big brands, what did you want to partner with Halio?

BS: I love what Halio (literally) stands for and I love their online presence! It's important to me to be partnered with a brand that values inclusive and one that also has a philanthropic mission. Not only is the brand doing a lot of good, but the clothes are also INCREDIBLE. Flattering, comfortable and extremely well made.

Halio: What would you say to those striving for success in fitness and social media?

BS: I would suggest focusing on having success in your realm of fitness FIRST, before worrying too much about the social media aspect. People will notice athletes that stand out and are successful in their fields. Once you decide to focus on growing your following, find your niche, what makes you stand out and deliver quality content consistently.

Halio: Any closing remarks? IG/Website/Training?

BS: People can find me on instagram @Bonschro and can find coaching, programs, and nutrition at Bonschro.com!
I'm excited for a long and successful partnership with Halio!